How It Works

Send us your recording. Let us do the typing. Receive transcripts.

Our transcription management tools offer user-friendly online use.  Authorized users seamlessly access your audio and account specifics for your practice or department.  

Our team of transcriptionists and scribes will access our advanced software and have the ability to process your documentation within your desired turnaround and pricepoint. 

This includes all types of audio to text.  Law Enforcement, Medical Scribing options, General Transcription, and Translation Services.  

You may then access your confidential and secure documents with your credentials at your convenience.  

Accessible 24/7/365 from any desktop or mobile internet browser, our service eliminates the need for additional software or subscriptions. We cater to diverse transcription needs, welcoming requests for multi-speaker recordings, dictations, and foreign languages.

When initiating a transcription request, users are guided to furnish essential details about the recording, such as case number, participant names, estimated length, turnaround time, and any pertinent notes for the transcription team.  In the case of medical audio, with access to your EMR, simply state the patient's first name, and we will follow your schedule through your busy day.


EMR Integration

When you provide DocuScript with access to your EMR, we will scribe or transcribe your medical notes directly into the patient's chart.

Provider simply reviews the notes, makes any necessary edits, and signs those notes throughout office hours.  

Let us help you build a busy practice.  

Call to discuss the many ways we can help you build efficiency for your schedule, enhance the quality of your notes and reimbursement, and ask which rates and option is best for your practice.  We are here to help!

Call Toll Free:  888-680-0275



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