Asked Questions

How Much Will It Cost?
Always the first question! And rightfully so. DocuScript's pricing is determined by the duration of your recording, measured in minutes. The charges vary depending on the requested turnaround time, amount of speakers, quality of audio, verbatim or near-verbatim. Additionally, we offer a range of Value-Added Services, including audio/video conversions, bound hard copies, and personalized document formatting. Feel free to get in touch with us for more information on pricing details.
How Do I Get Started?
As many of the tasks we transcribe involve sensitive information, please reach out to a DocuScript Account Representative to begin the service initiation process. To email an Account Representative for your free quote, please email We will get in touch with you at our earliest convenience.
Are there any hidden costs or fees?
Once we determine the cost to produce your transcripts, we will lock your rate without any increase. There are no hidden fees.
Can DocuScript transcribe the audio in a video?
Yes! We have transcribed body-worn camera video for law enforcement, physicians, historians, and podcasts -- all sending video for a text transcript. Price is determined by audio quality, length of audio, turnaround time, number of speakers, and if translation is required.
Is Any Project Too Large?
DocuScript operates with scalability, enabling the simultaneous handling of diverse large projects. Should we foresee the possibility of a project exceeding our standard turnaround times, our Account Representatives collaborate with clients to prioritize files and prearrange a production schedule. This proactive approach ensures that client deadlines are consistently met and production schedules are transparent to our client. From hospital systems to law enforcement in America's largest cities, we have never failed to deliver. We are proud of our outstanding nationwide references in all specialties.
Do We Offer Certified Transcripts?
DocuScript offers the option to certify a transcript upon request. Certified transcripts can be delivered electronically in PDF format or as professionally bound hard copies. Simply call DocuScript for further details on transcript certification and to understand the distinctions between utilizing DocuScript and engaging a Certified Court Reporter.